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Split-based software experts with 15 years of experience. From idea to launch, we prioritize clients, offering seamless full-service development. Elevate your success with us!

Choose from our diverse services: captivating UI/UX design, web/mobile development, expert consulting, and seamless implementation. With our dynamic team, passion, expertise, and cutting-edge tech, we're your perfect partner for bringing your ideas to life.

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Front End Development

Our team crafts visually stunning and high-performing UIs with current tech, selecting frameworks that align with each project's unique identity.


Whether it's a mobile, web, or desktop app, we can create it! Our designs focus on accessibility across devices, OSs, and browsers.

Back End Development

Looks don't define quality; strong backend is essential for apps. Custom architecture for web, back-end, or API services.

Project Management

We help you achieve project goals by coordinating resources and uni-disciplinary groups to create a multi-disciplinary team effort, on time and within budget.

Our Projects

  • Necogi

    Necogi is an AI tool that uses computer vision and drones to help solve problems of underwater and beach litter, vegetation, and animal migration. With over 10,000 images trained on a powerful neural network, Necogi detects underwater garbage, tracks plant growth, and visualizes animal migration. Customizable and easy to use, Necogi is a powerful tool for fighting pollution.

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  • ŠK Codeasy

    We are proud to support the chess club ŠK Codeasy Vukovar. Our collaboration aims to empower aspiring chess enthusiasts and foster a thriving chess community. Together, we are committed to promoting strategic thinking, sportsmanship, and intellectual growth through the captivating game of chess. Learn more about our partnership and the chess club's achievements on their website..

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Latest Work

  • VON mobile app

    Voice Of Norway

    Experio AS

    Empowering culture institutions and transport companies to reach end users seamlessly. Trigger audio guides, unlock augmented reality experiences, narrate captivating city features, and create outdoor games for history enthusiasts. Your one-stop solution for engaging content delivery.

  • Swiftly tablet


    Qrypta Ltd.

    Enhancing healthcare accessibility with video consultations and SMS messaging. Our tailor-made applications empower GPs and dental practices. Seamlessly schedule meetings, conduct video calls, complete custom forms, and facilitate secure payments. Revolutionize healthcare communication for practitioners and patients alike.

  • Hajduk desktop

    Hajduk - User Account


    Centralizing user experience for Hajduk, the legendary football club in Split. Our custom-designed portal offers a responsive, fast-loading platform, ensuring an exceptional experience.

  • OfflinePal mobile

    OfflinePal / Enjoy.ly

    Enjoy AS

    Delivering seamless booking experiences with our application suite. Categorized activities, location-based search, and customizable bookings supported by Stripe/Vipps payment integration. The Organizer app efficiently manages bookings, places, activities, and client tracking.

  • Teen KAM App mobile view

    Teen KAM App

    Kimbell Art Museum

    Engaging younger generations at Kimbell Art Museum with our captivating application. Modern design, interactive modules (emoji reactions, scoring system, photo sharing), and scavenger hunt integration make museum visits more enjoyable for teens.

  • PatientPal desktop profile view


    PatientPal Inc.

    Streamlining healthcare with PatientPal. Clinicians manage appointments, while patients complete forms, insurance payments, and access doctor visit details. Our Serverless (AWS + Dynamo DB) solution ensures high availability and scalability, complemented by Angular7's dynamic form generator for customizable intake flows.

  • Enswitch desktop


    Integrics Ltd.

    Enhancing telephony services with Enswitch. Our UI expertise enables efficient management of numbers, users, lines, queues, and reports. Multilanguage support, dynamic client plugins, custom report generation, and complete control of the interface's appearance.

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